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Attractive people dating

So, no, I don't think beautiful people only end up with beautiful people.

But beautiful people do end up with others who have traits that are at least equal to their good looks.

What's non-negotiable, though, is that you have to offer something of value to attract a mate (or date!

) and it must be equal to that which you are seeking.

People who are physically attractive tend to be seen as very desirable and are, therefore, better able to win over highly desirable partners themselves.

The researchers hypothesized that the length of acquaintance between partners may shift the dynamics of this sexual competition.

One's league is generally determined by a series of traits, including looks, wealth, age, success and personality.

The higher you "rank" in each of these categories, the higher your league and the more attractive you are to others.

“This study shows that we make different sorts of decisions about whom to marry depending upon whether we knew the person before we started dating,” said Eli Finkel, co-author of the study and professor of psychology at Northwestern University’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School of Management.

The researchers note that the research will need to be replicated across more diverse samples and contexts, but these findings suggest that length of acquaintance can influence whether we perceive someone as being a desirable partner.

“There may be more to the old saying than was previously thought,” Hunt said.

Using these videos, independent, trained coders used rating scales to indicate the physical attractiveness of each partner; the ratings were strongly correlated among the coders, suggesting a high level of agreement on the physical desirability of each partner.

The results revealed that the longer the romantic partners had known each other before dating, the less likely they were to be matched on attractiveness, just as the researchers hypothesized.

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Interestingly, the level of match on attractiveness was not associated with relationship satisfaction for either men or women in the study.

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