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But in episode 25, Ethan returns to Australia in time for Sammy's memorial.See Main Article: Tristian Tara and Christian met in the boy's change rooms during their Audition Week.In Series 2 Ethan is angry at Tara because she when she choose to spend the summer holidays with Christian rather than him.Their friendship is rather rocky until Ethan begins to develop feelings for Abigail.She is naive, sensitive, and completely unprepared for life at the ultra-competitive National Academy of Dance.She finds it hard to adjust to life in a city Boarding House, and has to overcome homesickness, brutal criticism, a spiteful roommate, and an endless stream of embarrassing moments.

Eventually, the two start to go out when Ethan gets rjected by his mentor.Tara first befriends Abigail because they are roommates, but after Abigail shows her true self, they remain apart.Abigail is very nervous in season 1 that Tara might become a better dancer than her, leading to several incidents in which Tara was hurt, or embarrassed.In the last episode of the first series, Ethan suggests that Tara could spend the summer holidays with him.At first Tara agrees but then she decides to spend it on the farm with Christian instead.

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