Senior dating west palm beach florida

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Senior dating west palm beach florida

They have acted as if you cant get a replacement and like they havent received my returned item when I have a delievry confirmation showing otherwise.

If the owner is such a rich guy why does he have a problem refunding for a defective product?

I found sufficient contact information and politely messaged a senior manager and copied executives.

My correspondence summarized my issues and included a copy of the original contact 6 June.

I attempted several chatroom conversations with two representatives from 6 pm to pm PST.

When you call their so called 800 that I found after researching the web, it rings to a non-existing number that goes to a circuit busy.

They received my returned item on 03/27/08 and I have been getting "jacked" around since.

I dont recommend anyone to buy this for at least another couple years and maybe they can get things in order if the company lasts that long.

I believe they are a scam preying on people and taking their money not providing any kind of service that they claim.

I saved a copy of the chatroom conversations with the 'so called technical reps' who for almost four hours, did nothing and basically said, ' Oh well.' As many times as I call on the telephone business companies about the business, that is how many times I get bum communications, i.e. Everyone, man or woman, has an accent hard for me to understand. When are we going to start being Americans, instead of being the slaves of the allmighty buck and loose our identity in the name of this unpatriotic bad habitf? magic Jack Customer Rebuttal Report My initial 'chat' service contact with magic Jack was very unsatisfactory with a wasted time and no correction over a 2 hour 21 minute period.

I have paid for, and never recieved my magic jack order for two units.

I have spoken to the support team on four separate occasions.

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The frustration is real - the initial customer service was digraceful, BUT YMax is not a scam nor ripoff and service can be excellent. I do a lot of international travel and it will save me hundreds of dollars if not thousands.