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A new study for Best for Britain, which urges people to keep an open mind on Brexit, found that Labour won many seats because of anti-Tory voting by Remainers – even in areas where a majority backed Leave in the referendum.It concluded: “While a significant number of Leave voters appear to have switched to the Conservatives, many Remain voters supported the party in their constituency most likely to beat the Conservatives (mostly Labour).” This suggested the Tories “will struggle to win an election by relying solely on supporters of Brexit, while Labour could get closer to winning a majority if it does more to attract anti-Brexit voters who are still backing the Tories”.Dawn Butler, Labour MP for Brent Central, expressed her feelings on Twitter, saying: “Everything about this upsets me. Mr Davis’s texts, sent to an unnamed friend said to be a Tory politician, were leaked to the . And she added: “Love the excuses of male banter, might wanna get new mates who don’t screenshot your texts and send them to the paper”.

Will this week’s gloomy economic forecasts come true, with the Tories paying a terrible political price?

Or will voters hold on to nurse for fear of something worse, as they did in 1992?

Will Brexit make the economic backdrop even worse, and the Tories reap the whirlwind?

Over a million people saw our dashboard, mainly in marginal constituencies, and 90 million adverts were served across the whole country.

There was a huge appetite for this information and the grassroots tactical voting movement was able to deliver, bringing a different dimension to traditional political campaigning.” So it was more a Brexit election than an anti-austerity one. Of course, we can’t know how Brexit will have played out by the next election.

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Or, as they plough on with Brexit despite the increasingly obvious downsides, can they concede that it cost them votes.