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These were local solutions by local communities that believed their communities had something unique to offer people who may want to relocate from Melbourne.The projects shared the goal of successful relocation for refugee populations but each community travelled a different path.Research activities sought to identify the extent to which the two projects had achieved outcomes at the individual, organisational and community levels and contributed to positive mental health in both relocating and receiving regional communities and which practices were likely to contribute to achieving these outcomes.

Substantial empirical research work was undertaken to inform the individual case study's including 99 open ended interviews, consisting of 36 Norwegian police officers (practioners), 21 co-operating partners in the missions and 42 experienced senoir officials working with IRPMs throughout the world.The demographic data focused on tracking the movements of the refugee relocating community as well as providing insight into the two host communities.This data was analysed using descriptive statistics and was graphed or presented numerically.HACN had developed a series of ideas and were working with Victoria University (VU) on a number of projects that focused on employment and education access in Melbourne.Victoria University's Community Partnerships Officer had an established partnership with HACN and used their networks to seek out and team with Murray-Mallee Training Inc.

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