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It used to be that everyone wore white shirts and khaki’s and that was that–simple.Sadly, that doesn’t say WOW in family portraits, it doesn’t show a whole lot of personality, and everyone has done it (ok, almost everyone).Learn it all, step-by-step, with me, the force behind Click it Up a Notch, a Huffington Post Top 5 Blogs for momtographers.A former teacher who got into photography to capture my beautiful family, I am eager to share what I’ve learned over the past 5 years & open the door to photography for other moms.We only lasted a couple more months before the stress of seeing each other while she was still married overwhelmed us…..

There’s something special about looking back on family portraits over the years past.

It makes a lot of sense when you see it from their side.* People need love, or at least some contact.

I had asked each of them whether their divorce was final before meeting in person, and they all said yes!

Start by realizing that just because dating can make a lot of sense to those who are divorcing, doesn’t mean it makes sense for you to date them.

Some may be offended, but you needn’t attract the whole world, just one (literally) single match.

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They even had another baby after we had our relationship.” I don’t know the two (or three) people in that relationship, but what happened was not an ‘imminent’ divorce.

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